Keep It Stupid Simple!

When I first started in online marketing, there was a phrase used quite often. The phrase was “Keep it Simple Stupid” (KISS for short). Nowadays it has been changed around to “Keep It Stupid Simple” or “Keep It Simple Silly”, I have seen some others but I’m sure you get the idea.

Basically it means don’t over think it. I also recall “ugly sells” being a big theme in designs at one point. People overthink the design of a page or a website and sometimes overlook the content or functionality; but it looks incredible!

I often forget to “KISS” when I am looking at my online endeavors. Sometimes I move on from something too quickly.

With the New Year approaching, I hope that we can all keep it simple and focused. (especiallay me 🙂 ) I’ve said multiple times on this site that making money online DOES WORK, you just need to find what works for you. Not everyone will make 6 figures with every project.

Take a look at your personal interests and see if there is a way to monetize that interest. Consider whatever social network you are spending the most time on as a source of traffic. There are so many options.

I personally am making a list of social media networks and will 1 by 1 work to build a following on each. Providing quality content and sometimes offering a product or something. This is just one of my goals regarding streamlining and improving my online business.

I hope that you have found inspiration in my posts, and videos that I share. I will be keeping more active posts on this site, and sharing more tips and tricks. I am excited for the prospects the New Year holds, and I hope you are excited also.

Let’s Make 2019 Our Greatest Year Yet!!

Some thoughts and a video for going into the new year

I have been reflecting and thinking quite a bit lately. I lightly have been hitting the brakes on my online business efforts. I have done this not in a way of quitting, but more to put things in perspective and streamline everything a bit more. I have added income streams, revived old income streams and have truly considered deleting some streams that don’t seem to fit into my general plan.

Considering all of this, I must consider the amount of time I can honestly put into each stream and which ones will give the best R.O.I. Along with that comes FOCUS. I personally need to clear some mental clutter to help me focus more efficiently. I found this video and it is a good one. For me I have to watch videos like this quite frequently for them to work. Below is the video if you want to check it out.

Sharing a review.

I was looking through products I have purchased for something to do a review on yesterday. I completely forgot about a particular product I purchased called “Piggyback Payday”.  This a software that works with instagram and helps build up an account and following and send traffic to a product or site.  It is a great way to get eyeballs on a dropshipping item for your ecom business. It can also work for affiliate products as well. If you would like to check out my review of Piggyback Payday  it is below.


My Piggyback Payday Review