How the formula works and how you can work the formula.

Most of us have seen the banners and the ad titles stating “x step formula to whatever”  the x being a number and the whatever being a clever adjective.

example    3 step formula to financial freedom.

I want to take a closer look and explain a little bit how this works for both the affiliate and the end user, And yes there are benefits to both using this method!!!

For starters:   What are the steps?  I will look at a three step system for this breakdown.

Step 1 is the “primary business”  this is the main offer that will be making the person money (may be recurring or one time sale)

Step 2 is the marketing system being used. Usually also an affiliate product and also usually a recurring commision.

Step 3 is typically the traffic source.  Either a ‘rev share’ traffic source or a community of solo ad sellers, or traffic seller in general. Also an affiliate site where commissions are based off of purchases.


Ok so how does this method work for both users?  Simple ….   If the traffic source is indeed the source being used by the person that sold you on the “3 step system” and that person is a success.  The end user now has all the same access and a roadmap to duplicate success.  The “seller” also has 3 income streams essentially from 1 signup if they follow the steps.

As the buyer then can duplicate the whole thing and sell the “formula” as their own in turn earning from the same 3 income streams.


I can only think of 1 or 2 downturns to this method (if followed correctly) and that is using the same traffic source over and over again for the same bizopp offering. While I am sure success can be had using a system like this please keep that in mind. The second possible downturn is if the marketing system offers landing pages and an email auto series (sometimes pre-written) you have to take the time and make yours unique. If everyone is using the same capture pages, the exact same email series and the same traffic sources well……   Do I really need to say it??

We all need motivation from time to time

Lately I have been taking in alot of videos and audios talking about motivation and focus.  There are times when it is so difficult to sit down at my laptop or pc and get started.  Sometimes I am so “blurry” that I  cannot pinpoint what needs to be done at that time.  I found this video and thought you may find it interesting and valuable.



Focus tips for entrepreneur.

If you are breaking the mold and trying your best to earn money online or on your own, without clocking in or reporting to someone you have an entrepreneur mindset.  That is great!!

I wanted to make this post regarding focus. Something I have been lacking some days this month (considering the start of it.).  I hope you enjoy the vid. Please keep an open mind about the people shown. You may not like where they are now, but they have achieved something great in the entrepreneurial world.  Thanks