How to build and maintain a quality fb group list for marketing.

Okay, this will be my last post on fb marketing for awhile. So to conclude this subject, I want to talk about building and maintain a list of fb groups that are worth keeping for marketing purposes.  This can and will take some time and patience, however most of us spend quite a bit of time on fb.  Let’s use that time to build some quality advertising opportunities.

1.)  First. up in the search bar of fb type in your niche or terms related to your niche and look at the group results.

2.)  Start joining a groups moderately. Only do about 10-15 throughout the day. Maybe 7 in am and 7 or 8 in pm. Space them out and don’t try to join too many. Doing it this way will help avoid “fb jail”.

3.) The next day before you attempt to join any more new groups, look at what groups accepted your request. Go into those groups, read the pinned post.  Check the ‘files’ tab in group for any rule related items.  Then scroll through the posts in the group. Look for engagement AND variety in posters.

4.)  After looking through the group’s content and activity, and deciding if it is a good and active group. Make a post simply introducing yourself. Say who you are and that you hope to make some quality connections in this group.  Possibly comment on some of the posts if they interest you. Do this with the first set of groups, it should not take more than 10 minutes per group.

5.)  Now you have your first set of groups and have made your introduction post and maybe some comments. It is time to search for some more and repeat the process.  You may get messages from people in the group looking to “connect with like minded individuals”. This is something you may consider doing down the line, but hold for now.  Keep adding groups to your list.

6.) After being accepted into groups and making your intro post, the next day make your first promo post. Find a good image, try to stay away from images with company logos in the beginning (the name may deter them). I personally say not to “flash cash” but that is only a suggestion.  Then come up with some ad copy. Try and make it interesting so they want to comment and learn more about your offer. Then build the relationship through messages (off of the post).

If your posts are not getting engagement, the first couple times don’t dismay. You are new to the group and you may need to give it a little bit of time. If after you have posted in a certain group multiple times in a month or two  and still have not gotten engagement consider removing yourself from the group and move on.

As previously stated this method takes some time, but can truly give you a quality audience. A lot of times most of the members in these groups are marketers and just want to promote their offer, but if you peak their interest with your pitch, you just might get them in your business. While although they are also marketers, at one point they were buyers.


Build a nice list of groups, maintain it buy checking engagement of posts once in awhile. Always be on the lookout for new groups and post regularly. Don’t just pitch them offer value also. Give them something free, point them to a blog or fb page post etc…


I hope this helps someone out.  Thank you for reading.


another day a new post.

Usually I am very busy on and offline and struggle to keep a good schedule for posting to my various sites.  This never used to be a struggle but it has been as of late.  I will start being way more diligent when it comes to updating. There are amazing and simple tools built into wordpress to make these tasks more attainable. I will be posting 2 times per week starting June 1st.  I will be posting quick reviews on methods, (they will be shared from another site of mine) I will be posting motivational content on top of the regular 2 weekly posts.

Regular life is starting to come back down to normal, then all of the sudden the seasonal busy work starts. Getting the yard ready for bbqs, helping my fiance get the garden going, and one of our dogs just had puppies and they are at the point where they require less momma and more human work.

I will not let this site go forgotten any longer…  This I promise.

Free vs Paid Traffic — The ups and downs of both.

I recently purchased traffic via a solo ad and had very, very poor results.  Everything went normal up until the payment was made. Then communication with the seller changed, I saw traffic going to my page but also saw very very few opt ins.

Prior to running that solo I put my free traffic generation on pause for a few days and waited until I saw little to no traffic to that particular page ( it is a very new capture page).  When questioning the seller, I was lucky to get a response and when I did it was vague.  This has only happened to me 2 times with purchasing a solo ad (maybe it was the page, maybe it was the swipe (since he wouldn’t show me what he sent I guess I’ll never know)

Now for free traffic.  I like to use safelist traffic for certain offers, sure safelist traffic can be a pain to use but there is some value to it. It takes some time clicking to get credits but then you get to test your swipes on the traffic. If you can get a few opt ins on your lander using safelists, I would say your swipe and landing page cannot be that bad.

The ups of using free traffic,  well first it is free. The quality may not be the same but there are no guarantees with any traffic source.  You can also find loads of free traffic sources. There are safelists, seo, back linking strategies, etc..  You can also build your own free traffic using link circles, social media and videos and such.

The major downsides (in my opinion) of free traffic is the time it takes and the quality of the traffic. Until the seo and link circle traffic kicks in.  The downside of seo and linking strategies is that other sites may be in control of the link. They can remove it without notice and can “nofollow” it without notice. Thus requiring you to be checking regularly. The struggle with seo is that it is a constantly changing game. Also what works with one search engine may not work with others..

The ups of paid traffic. You will normally get all the traffic you have paid for. If you have the budget, traffic is easy to find. The downsides of paid traffic (again only my opinion) is you have to believe the seller or the sellers reviews on the traffic niche and quality. There are a couple of ways around this.

You can purchase your traffic through a reputable traffic network or search engine. Example bing ads, or adwords, or a system like adengage or mlmleads.  Then there are solo ads. You can scour fb solo ad group and find a seller and check reviews and message back and forth and then decide if you trust the seller and his proposed product and make a purchase. This route can be difficult. I have done this a couple of times and have had 50/50  results. Some were good and a couple were absolutely horrible. (see top paragragh again for possible reasons).

There are also solo ad vendor networks that can be used. I personally have had better results using this avenue. Check out solo checker (cheaper maybe) just be sure to message seller and make sure they are still active and maybe ask them about your offer.  There is also Udimi.  This one is good and very active with sellers. The rating system is good and the traffic usually is also.

I hope you were able to take something of value from this rambling, when it comes to traffic for your site(s) you will need to constantly be testing and watching or spending. I know of ppl how rely on udimi sellers and also know of people who rely on only buying clicks from networks and they are making nice money online.   If you have questions please feel free to comment or email me.