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Hey there,

I hope by now my readers see that I like to give value to them and the community in general.  I have another webpage that does just that and I wanted to share it with you also.  I live in America and do celebrate Christmas. So in light of that here is somewhat of a Christmas gift.

All you have to do is go over to  succeedwithelm  and select one of the three products offered there, then put in a valid email address and you will have access to your free product.

I have read all three of these and implemented alot of the strategies discussed in them.

I hope you find value in these products.  Again the site link is below

=======> succeedwithelm <=======

What are your plans for 2018??

Hi there,   I would like to get a little engagement here, so I am wondering what everyone’s goals are for 2018?

My personal goals are simple, I have more offline life goals than online. However my online goals will help feed my general progress. You should try to adopt that theory.  My Online Goals will be to grow this site more and stay more current on it.   To grow my online business endeavors and to keep adding value to this community that I do love.

Something new I will be getting into more is crypto currencies. I already hold some  as of now, but I have been watching some “ICO” action and man, is it exciting!  Getting in at the ground floor and watching it grow.  I remember watching bitcoin at about 20 bucks per coin and being hesitant, hell I remember early 2017 seeing it about 1000 and not really going for it. Now it is at 18k, my hesitation did not make me money there…

I like working with CPA and am learning more and more about it,  I like working with affiliate partnerships the most as of right now. That is how I got started in internet marketing back in 2005.  I do recall finding a group of super helpful people that would teach you a whole lot at no cost. I do kind of miss that.  In one of my opportunities, everyone has a training and 95% percent want to sell it for more than the opp costs!  Once I get that business (and others) bringing in consistent money I will build my own training platform(s) at little to no cost.

The other thing I want to learn, and will be doing this with my son is ecommerce. I dabbled in it years ago with amazon stores and such, but we have been talking niches, shopify, and ads and all sorts of stuff to get our ecom biz growing.

Thanks for reading, I would like to hear some of your goals. Maybe we can help each other achieve them.


Happy Holidays all