A few online business thoughts.

Well I wanted to write something here today, and a couple things are on my mind.  Thinking about internet marketing, there are a lot of different ways to make a business work.

When I first started out, I chose a business model that allowed me to remain completely anonymous. Everything from domain names, to blog posts, to forum names and posting went under a “handle” and never the real name. No one was doing videos to promote their sites or products, yet people where still using social media as it evolved.

Currently the business’ that I chose to be a part of suggest a more public approach.  I guess people like to put a face to a name, especially when you are using your name for sites and products.  That is called branding and for the purpose of promoting yourself this is necessary. This is where the “like know and trust” thought comes from. Build a presence on social media, build an email list so people get to know you, do videos put your face out there.  Never be afraid of putting it out there.

I know successful marketers that make a nice income strictly with email lists and youtube, I also know successful marketers that never have to show their face.

I will recommend this though, find a platform that works for you and focus on that!  If you platform is forums, be the best forum personality you can be, be active, be helpful. If you are comfortable on camera, look to youtube and social media vids. Build you presence.   Do not try to run multiple platforms manually, that is very difficult.  Usually in those situations no one platform becomes successful for you because you are spreading yourself too thin.

Think outside the box!

Youtube is not the only video site although maybe the largest, people still do flock to the others, create an account and upload or share the video across the multiple platforms.

Google is not the only profitable search engine out there, people still use yahoo, bing, and others.

Facebook maybe be the largest “social network” however there are many more, some are niche related like linkedin or IBO.

One day you may want to try to search for alternative social networks and see what you find, you may find something that suits you better than the big ones. Something that may also help you build your brand and personality.


These are just some thoughts I was having. I guess a nice part of having a blog of your own is having somewhere to babble lol.

I always see the word scam!..

Yes it’s true. When you attempt to do a some research on a potential online you will find the word scam associated with almost anything.

I will be honest here, one of the ‘mentors’ I had actually instructed me to do a video titling the business as a scam to get views. I was to promote the company with this misleading title. Something I refused to do.

I want to tell you a quick story. A few years back a good friend of mine ( a couple of my friends have run an offline biz), but this person decided to open a niche store. This store was in the right reasons for the niche. Inventory was ordered and paid for. The store was brought to the condition for occupancy certification. The first month advertising was very mild due to all the other costs involved. The 2nd month some more money was spent on advertising and a little money was now being made. Fast forward a few months with very little growth or profit. The expenses added up, the person is forced to close up shop.

My question is this….. Was this person scammed because a business attempt did not work out the way they dreamed? I mean a successful store owner may tell you to open up a store, just because he is a success and your store isn’t does not make it a scam. Just like with internet opportunities, you may see someone “hit it out of the park” with a certain bizop online it does not mean you will.  Also you may see a bunch of people ‘striking out’ with a certain bizop; it does not mean you will.

Please remember when researching that you will come across people that have failed in an online biz and for that reason will say it’s a scam.

Just like I don’t feel that the subject of the story above was scammed. I don’t feel everything that is called a scam online is a scam.

I have in the past been scammed by a company offering a website and traffic etc… Eventually I got a website, no traffic, no commission and poof all of the sudden my site was gone as was my money as was every person I spoke with to get this going.

Please be smart when looking into online business. Do not get in over your head, based on the lofty promises of some ‘guru’. Just like gambling. Never risk more than you can afford to lose..