I remember the first time..

Hey all, today I just wanted to tell part of my story.  I remember the first time I was able to pay a whole bill with the money I made from internet marketing.

It all started in late 2004, I was on a seasonal lay off from my job for a few months and decided to learn something new. I came across a forum, and in that forum they were very, very helpful and that led to another forum (owned by same people) that was specifically for teaching. I joined that forum and the learning started.  There were plenty of times when it was slow, and I didn’t see money right away by any means.  I did believe in myself and the possibility that I could make money online!  I think that is a KEY part of the journey.  Fast forward a few months, I have learned some and have acquired some domain names and built some websites. I was getting traffic, using the principles I was taught and was very happy just to see my stats go up. There were times that I got down when I didn’t see sales in the back office of a program. Some of those times made me wander and look at other possibilities some time.

Then I saw it !!!   The first sale, the excitement was like Christmas morning when I was little!  It was so energizing. Keep in mind it was only a sale, I still had a little ways to go before I could reach the minimum “payout amount” to get the money in my hand.  That sale energized me and I looked and poured over stats to see where and how the sale came. I scaled that process up as much as I could at my level of knowledge (pretty low at the time).  The sales started trickling in, I started to get the checks in my p.o box.  It was exciting but far from life changing. I could buy my cigarettes, gas, maybe pizza for the family but I kept plugging away.

Then it happened!  A check came that was right about 252.00, that same day  when I checked the mail and opened a couple of bills, I realized that I could pay 1 in full and 90% of the 2nd.  That is the first time that making money online led to a small flash of freedom for me. I saw it !  It was and is completely possible !    This may not happen for you over night.  That is ok! It will happen if you are consistent.

A little money motivation for you

I love listening to people that motivate.  It helps me stay focused and somewhat driven. Grant Cardone is one of those people. He comes across as an everyday person that has been broke, the busted his ass to get to where he is.  He has a great story, you should check it out if you get the chance. Here is a video by him that I’ve been listening to a couple times a day lately. I hope you enjoy..