Keep It Stupid Simple!

When I first started in online marketing, there was a phrase used quite often. The phrase was “Keep it Simple Stupid” (KISS for short). Nowadays it has been changed around to “Keep It Stupid Simple” or “Keep It Simple Silly”, I have seen some others but I’m sure you get the idea.

Basically it means don’t over think it. I also recall “ugly sells” being a big theme in designs at one point. People overthink the design of a page or a website and sometimes overlook the content or functionality; but it looks incredible!

I often forget to “KISS” when I am looking at my online endeavors. Sometimes I move on from something too quickly.

With the New Year approaching, I hope that we can all keep it simple and focused. (especiallay me 🙂 ) I’ve said multiple times on this site that making money online DOES WORK, you just need to find what works for you. Not everyone will make 6 figures with every project.

Take a look at your personal interests and see if there is a way to monetize that interest. Consider whatever social network you are spending the most time on as a source of traffic. There are so many options.

I personally am making a list of social media networks and will 1 by 1 work to build a following on each. Providing quality content and sometimes offering a product or something. This is just one of my goals regarding streamlining and improving my online business.

I hope that you have found inspiration in my posts, and videos that I share. I will be keeping more active posts on this site, and sharing more tips and tricks. I am excited for the prospects the New Year holds, and I hope you are excited also.

Let’s Make 2019 Our Greatest Year Yet!!

Some thoughts and a video for going into the new year

I have been reflecting and thinking quite a bit lately. I lightly have been hitting the brakes on my online business efforts. I have done this not in a way of quitting, but more to put things in perspective and streamline everything a bit more. I have added income streams, revived old income streams and have truly considered deleting some streams that don’t seem to fit into my general plan.

Considering all of this, I must consider the amount of time I can honestly put into each stream and which ones will give the best R.O.I. Along with that comes FOCUS. I personally need to clear some mental clutter to help me focus more efficiently. I found this video and it is a good one. For me I have to watch videos like this quite frequently for them to work. Below is the video if you want to check it out.