A little update

So after seeing how busy I have been, I have given long thought to my goals that I wanted earlier in the year. I have been list building using leads leap, (great program you should consider).

I did go forward with remixable and put together my own software package for sale called affiliate explosion kit. It’s a pretty awesome package and I will be utilizing remixable much more in the future. I have decided though that I will be prioritizing a plr business model going into the future for quite some time. I will be utilizing my plr business model to hopefully make an info product/case study to offer for sale in the future.

One thing I have learned (from my own hairbrained experience) is that when it comes to affiliate marketing or online marketing, you have to be focused and consistent. I wrote about shiny object syndrome in the past and I assure you it is a real thing.

The only times I was able to calculate commissions was when I was focused on one thing and consistent. I’ve always been able to make money online, but being able to rely on the payout was only possible when I followed a strict plan of daily action.

talk soon

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