So What’s Going On??

Well after days of thought and going over data etc. I have decided to completely restructure all of my online activities, not just clean up and stream line as mentioned before.

Side note: I also have ventures offline and one of them is being a newish landlord and that has taken up quite a bit of time the last 30 days. But I digress..

What is in store for the new year 2022?

Here is a quick(ish) overview of the “plan” at this stage.

I will be working on putting together a very good lead magnet either cheap or free to start building a brand new list. As mentioned before I will be working with “email kits” that have pre written emails for certain (mostly)clickbank products and with sprinkle in some other aff offers as well. That will be the foundation of my online business in 2022 —- email marketing.

For traffic I am going back to basics with free traffic. Starting with a small list of quality safelists. I will probably upgrade the memberships to get the most out of them and go through whatever platform training they offer. Then I will use tracking and start sending traffic to my squeeze pages for testing. I will continue using safelists for the long term as long as it remains profitable. I will keep weeding out bad and adding in good safelists as time goes on. I may even include “traffic site” reviews in my email marketing and on one of my other blogs.

Stage 2 of traffic will be paid ads, mainly solo ads while scrutinizing every vendor I use to get the most value for my spend. I will possibly also use pay per click advertising also including microsoft ads, propeller ads and some other sources.

The main thing I will be focusing on that I have neglected greatly in the past is the data! Tracking every link, every ad spend and split testing my pages and ad copy.

This is the main plan (so far) for the coming year for my primary focus online, I will still be running cpa offers and continuing to run my ebay/reselling biz.

if you made it this far thanks for reading..

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