So whats going on?

So here we are in July already — Time sure does fly…

I have been busy with offline life for the past few months. House projects and fun things also..

Been out on the motorcycle a few times and lounging in the pool (when its not raining) spent quite a few nights by the fire too. There were so many things going on. However I did try to keep online things going on pace.

Ebay sales have been slow but steady, and I am still doing affiliate marketing, just did not devote enough summer time to it. I do still get paid traffic and I came across a “method” from a friend that I currently putting to work. It essentially revolves around list building and using his pre written emails. He is a full time marketer so I figure his emails may just work better than mine. Also as I copy and pasted his emails (and watched his training vids) I learned a few things that could potentially make my own emails better.

I will be getting a review of that system ready and put it up over on when it is ready.

That is basically all that is going on at this time.

Thanks for reading..

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