A little update and Inventory Time..

So the list building is going quite well still using only free/safelist traffic. I am using a couple different lead capture funnels to feed my main list. I am also doing quite well with a cpa offer/network I am using.

As far as inventory time, every year around Aug/Sept I go through all my domains and services. See what needs major updating. Some sites may need theme changes and plugin changes. I have some domains that just redirect to a business or sales page ( I do look at those more than 1 time per year) for the redirects I look at the data of the year and make adjustments accordingly.

Services, this can be a big and time consuming task. I will go through any services I am paying for first, and took a hard look at the data and measure its value, I will look for other options to that service and make changes accordingly. Free services get a yes or no answer. If it is worth using going forward based on results I will, if not I discontinue using it, unsubscribe to anything related to it. I keep the login info in a notepad file in case I want to check on the service at a later time, but not seeing emails (sometimes promo emails) will keep me from getting distracted.

Thats all for now, thanks for stopping by and checking this site out.