So a quick update.

General Talk

You may have noticed, that I had a couple site issues as of late. They are (hopefully) fixed.

As far as an update I am still working on “trimming the fat” with my online doings, but it has been going well. I have found a great training platform that will be geared toward ai stuff. I have been playing around with ai (not just chatgpt) and am loving it.

As I find softwares or trainings or offers that I see huge value in I will be sharing them here and over on my site

thanks for reading.

Happy New Year !!!

General Talk

Okay the holiday celebrations are over for me (finally lol) and time to get back to regular life

I sat at my work table tonite going through some things, deleting emails, unsubscribing from those emails that don’t work into my plan for the new year and my adjusted affiliate marketing business plan.

I continued my clicks for the cashjuice plan which I love and am getting affiliate sales from other results from! Also completed the outline for my leadsleap training that I will be posting on this site in the next couple weeks, its a couple diff videos.

That was my quick update for today thanks for reading..


General Talk

So as always if you stopped by and are reading this, thank you.

This will be short. I just wanted to update.

I have narrowed down my list building funnels over on LeadsLeap to about 4-5 funnels, that I will only be using. I am still working my way through all the safelists I am a member of and tracking data. I am running microsoft ads, direct linking to clickbank products not mmo related and doing well with that. I use a kick ass software for those ads. This software makes it so easy to research and get my ads up and running with proven ad copy. I typically only promote products I use or have used. IF you want to check that out, you can do that HERE.

I am enjoying going through emails, and youtube subscriptions and unsubscribing from ALOT. I feel my plate clearing with every unsub. I am looking forward to streamlining and improving my online business in 2024.

Thanks for reading if you did…

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