So here I am again.

So here I am again, posting to this site after way too long. Life is always hectic for me and most of us and while I am still pushing forward with my internet business endeavors updating this site, sadly takes a back burner.

So for an update: I am still pushing for the “my own product” angle and using safe lists for starter traffic before paid. List building being the major focus with this project. Currently for that I am working on getting enough credits in alot of safelists. Every day or so I pick a safelist and click for credits until I have enough for at least 2 mailings or more.

Also I am looking at doing some social campaigns but I will not be using the traditional and currently trendy networks. There are alternatives to just about every social app and they are rapidly gaining popularity and I am choosing to focus on them.

I will be wrapping up my ebay business by months end to free up some time for other pursuits. I still may list things for sale from time to time, but it will not be a priority.

That about sums it up for now. If you read this thanks..

A quick update.

This one will be quick. I have still been working on the safelist stuff and finding and testing different tools. Some of the tools are quite interesting and should prove quite useful (more on them in a diff post). I’ve done a little bit with the articles. Mainly though I have been sidetracked with a full kitchen remodel from floors to ceiling. That has taken up quite a bit of my time. Will be getting back to online work soon.. thank you to those that are checking out my site.

Happy New Year All

So here we are January 3 2023. A little update and telling of plan. I spent quite a bit of time writing articles the last couple of days for adsense and cb promo pages. They are starting to get some spider action. Exciting indeed.

I am slowly working on filtering out the safelists I will be focusing on the most for my list building. That takes time since I will not upgrade in a safelist if the traffic does not produce.

I am when time allows working on my own software bundle also. The main software will be entirely unique and I will add 2 other plr softwares to the bundle including custom training for using the software suite, and including a course on general affiliate marketing and traffic generation.

That is all for now. Good luck to all of you in your endeavors!