Pretty Excited..

General Talk

So in my last post I mentioned the obvious issues I was having with this site. I am currently working on that when I have a few spare moments away from my leadsleap efforts.

I got the theme uploaded and active here, as you can see. Took some hard drive digging to find it… I am changing the banners on the site also, as I am not associated with the product or platform any longer. Some of them are completely offline also.. Can’t have that..

As far as the leadsleap project(s) are going… I am pretty excited!! Sure I have seen a downturn in the opt ins due to the slight changes that were made BUT subscribers are hanging around longer and opening and clicking… EXCITING!

I have been pretty steady in working my safelist plan for my current funnel of choice ( I found a few I will be using for list building on LeadsLeap). Looking over my plan the other day, I realized that the results I am looking for is consistency in myself with this.

Safelist strategies are great, but can be time consuming when doing them manually as I am. I am a member at tooo many safelist sites. So I am submitting a solo to differant sites regularly. My first one was a complete flop, but I am pretty sure the ad copy sucked.. and I did make some changes to one of the landing page in hopes of better results.

All in all I am very happy with my consistency with this and the growing results. I still have about 2 weeks left with this funnel, and will decide if I want to keep promoting this one primarily or try one of the others. Also I am tracking EVERY site, and after doing that with 2 differant funnels, I will be thinning the herd and hopefully that will result in more targeted results. Also considering using a paid safelist tool or system.

Once I have the whole thing worked out I will be sharing lots of results..

If you read all of this thanks…

Quick Update

General Talk

Okay so this site has been having a few issues that I and my host are working to get figured out.

I have been busy over at LeadsLeap building funnels for my list building. Basically I am promoting a certain funnel along with an autoresponder series specifically for that funnel. LeadsLeap now is only working with double opt in, meaning the list doesn’t build as fast but “should” be better leads. After the ar series for the specific funnel is completed, the following day the subscriber is moved to my “main” list, that I will continue to email over a long period of time, offering value and hopefully getting sales.

The way leadsleap works is that if a subscriber stops opening mails they become inactive in the system and stop receiving mails. Which is good and bad, good because you know your subscribers are interested, bad because you aren’t building a “big” list. I like it so far, the leads are more responsive and for me 100 responsive leads are better than 500 that don’t open emails.

Once I get the site fine tuned and running the way it should, I will be probably make some aesthetic changes, and get to posting here regularly as planned.

Thanks for reading if you did…

So here I am again.

General Talk

So here I am again, posting to this site after way too long. Life is always hectic for me and most of us and while I am still pushing forward with my internet business endeavors updating this site, sadly takes a back burner.

So for an update: I am still pushing for the “my own product” angle and using safe lists for starter traffic before paid. List building being the major focus with this project. Currently for that I am working on getting enough credits in alot of safelists. Every day or so I pick a safelist and click for credits until I have enough for at least 2 mailings or more.

Also I am looking at doing some social campaigns but I will not be using the traditional and currently trendy networks. There are alternatives to just about every social app and they are rapidly gaining popularity and I am choosing to focus on them.

I will be wrapping up my ebay business by months end to free up some time for other pursuits. I still may list things for sale from time to time, but it will not be a priority.

That about sums it up for now. If you read this thanks..

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