It is worth it to keep organized!

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So it is Monday, the start of most people’s work week. I sat down to my computer and started opening up tabs in firefox and then it started….

The messages started pouring in, email messages, fb messages, fb alerts and so on….   I had to do a lil more setup on a new domain/landing page  (that is clickable if anyone wants to check it out lol). I am going to make a video showing how simple a task is in a program I use.  I could be chasing around passwords, site urls etc..  but I am not. 

Every Monday when I get to my pc I do a handful of things to help my productivity.

1. check and file all emails ( I keep folders in email for everything so I can find it easier when I need to.)

2. Sort through sites I bookmarked last week and delete the ones I am not interested in. So I can find the ones I am.

3. I keep folders on my desktop with my opportunities inside. I sort and make any additions to them.

 Now I have all my pertinent info where it needs to be and that will make going about my day so much easier.

This is simple and most people don’t think about little things like this. So I wanted to write this as a short reminder. Being a little more organized helps lead to a more productive day!

Make it a great one!

Welcome to the internet business world

Biz With Elm

Things have progressed so much in the last 20 years, it is amazing. Huge businesses could not survive without some interaction from the internet in some form. Everyday people can take the time to learn some simple steps to earn big money from home! There are so many ways to earn full time money online these days, that it is almost difficult to choose which one is for you.

So many people know about ebay/amazon/etsy and those type of sites, but can anyone make money on them in this day and age? Sure they can! There are of course many methods to turn a profit on those type of sites from dropshipping to arbitrage to maintaining your own inventory.

There are people out there monetizing every aspect of the social imprint, using twitter, facebook, youtube etc…  This is a big one for some. Find a trusted product or service and you can promote it using just free social media outlets — UNREAL  A business that could virtually be free to work!

There is also the original actions to getting online presence. Like buying a domain and hosting and building a website. This one has a completely different learning curve. However with services like wordpress the building and customizing part has become quite easy and can create a very nice site.

To sum this all up.  I am not promoting anything here. Please realize that if you are interested in earning money online there are so many options out there for you! There is so much information out there on this. Just be careful not to fall into the “chasing shiny” trap.

Find something that excites you and build it!

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