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What is a marketing system and how can it help you?

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How Does A Marketing System Really Help You?

Hey there everyone.  This simple question has been asked of me quite a few times so I figured I would put this article out there for all.


First what is a marketing system? 

Well simply put it is a system that helps you sell your product or service. Some are also said to do the selling for you. Basically online, most systems include a funnel:  that is an capture page. Captures basic information ie name, email, sometimes phone numbers etc.  This page usually has a teaser image or video and some targeting text.


After the surfer fills in the requested info (opting in) they are taken to usually a sales page where usually a video is ‘selling’ your offer.  At this page they have the option to purchase your offer/service. Then if you are using a multi tiered funnel, there may be another offer for marketing system. traffic source, bonus trainings etc…

So now there is a basic understanding of what it is. How does a marketing system really help you in your business? 


The Marketing system helps in a couple different ways if used correctly. It does help to qualify a lead into your offer.  If they join your system can offer valuable training by use of videos that you can add into your marketing system. It can also be used to funnel an offer that better suits the end user if made that way. However most of all and this is key everyone. The first part of the marketing system usually being a capture page. This page allows you as the seller to build your email list You may have heard the term “the money is in the list” well this is how you build that list.  This list is available to you at your will. You can email them whenever you want with an offer, training, free reports etc…  This list is part of how we as marketers build trust (this is important).


I dabble in revshares and have come across a free marketing system that is built specifically for a couple revs that I am in. Also offering extra advertising once a user signs up to use this FREE marketing platfrom.  There is a training crash course and multiple funnel designs and a free hosted blog for its users.  I have included the link if anyone is interested, or you can always send me a message.


thanks for reading and happy building!