Some social media marketing thoughts

As I have been thinking about social media marketing I thought I would write up a kind of quick post about some thoughts.

As many of us know there are loads of social media platforms. Facebook is usually the first one that comes to mind however, there are loads more, and also sites you may not have considered can be called social network sites.

There are multiple sites that share a similar platform as FB with the friends and updates and such. There are country and niche specific versions of this. Examples could include futurenet, ibotoolbox, mewe and a bunch of others.

Now I want to touch quickly on a few others, like Twitter and Pinterest. Twitter has gained more attention through celeb use and the ability to live tweet during certain TV shows and all viewers get to get in on that action. This can be used to your favor in marketing. Pinterest and others use different angles to make the unique, like Twitter was originally a ‘microblog’, Tumblr is kind of a mix of an image and microblog platform and also still has quite a large userbase.

I guess what I want to express here is simply to open your eyes and consider your options. I currently use FB, futurenet,Instagram,tumblr, and a couple of others. There are people using these alternatives and quite possibly want to see what you may be marketing.

A little bit more about CPA

Maybe you know all there is to know when it comes to CPA marketing, and if you do then that is great. I do not and others do not.  If you fall into the second part of that statement and you would like to learn more and how to earn good money from CPA then you should continue.

So here you are, you want to learn more about this. Basically this a method to earning online without selling, no need to create a product, no dropshipping. This is not affiliate marketing. With CPA as I stated in previous posts, you basically get paid for sending traffic to an offer and when someone completes an action, you as the marketer gets paid.

I recently found this course that has been around only a few months that teaches you how to pick a cpa offer, how to get traffic and much more. Basically this could be your blueprint to starting to earn online.

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Follow that link and go to the page to check out the video telling you about the course, check out the proofs and reviews on the page and see if the course could benefit you.



Possibly the key to internet marketing.

     The Key To Internet Marketing.


One of the big issues that people run into, that this new technological world has brought us is instant gratification. Example  instant lotto tickets, movie rental kiosk, apps that allow you to watch a certain t.v show when you want to.  So many things in life are instant people want it now, now, now.


When it comes to internet marketing, online businesses people also want that fast. People see the ads promising fast turn around, or instant profits and the ads are misleading people to think that this IM world is super easy.

There are some marketers out there that do mislead just to get the sale, and abandon the new team mate or downline sometime before the deposit is received!

I personally am involved in a fabulous business that offers a phenomenal product and offers a nice comp plan. However the way people have marketed it over the last few years have given it a pretty bad rep. Some even say its a scam. When in all reality the product is real and valuable. The lofty promises of making $XXXX in a week with very little work have hurt this business and the entire marketing world.

With that being said……

A marketing newbie, will search through their favorite resource looking for a way to make some money.

They find a post, a site, etc..  They also find LOFTY PROMISE of major money in minor time.


 Here is this most (98%) of internet businesses will work if you work the business. Do your due diligence, find the right business for you, and work your business.  Learn your business, promote your business, blog about your business, tweet about your business, tumbl about your business.   Successful people didn’t give up after a bad week or month.  They kept and keep pushing their way to success. You push the same way and you will be one of the successful people.


The key to this internet marketing this is simple: believe in yourself and work!


thanks for reading