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A little bit more about CPA

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Maybe you know all there is to know when it comes to CPA marketing, and if you do then that is great. I do not and others do not.  If you fall into the second part of that statement and you would like to learn more and how to earn good money from CPA then you should continue.

So here you are, you want to learn more about this. Basically this a method to earning online without selling, no need to create a product, no dropshipping. This is not affiliate marketing. With CPA as I stated in previous posts, you basically get paid for sending traffic to an offer and when someone completes an action, you as the marketer gets paid.

I recently found this course that has been around only a few months that teaches you how to pick a cpa offer, how to get traffic and much more. Basically this could be your blueprint to starting to earn online.

>>> Check It This Course Here <<<<

Follow that link and go to the page to check out the video telling you about the course, check out the proofs and reviews on the page and see if the course could benefit you.



Have you heard of Yoonla?

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July1,2018 Update to the Yoonla Program.

The following changes go into effect July1,2018.

Yoonla Elite referral upgrade commission will go from $30 to $75 per upgrade.

2nd tier Elite upgrade commission splitting will stop. Basically the commission goes to the aff that generates the upgrade.

Non tier 1 pay per lead will stop, however you can still get the lead and earn the commission if/when they upgrade.

Yoonla will be adding up-sells to boost commissions up to 60%

Commission/referral processing will now be done 2x per monthly. Around the 1st and 15th, instead of previous once per month.

Minimum Payout amount will be lowered to $150. To qualify for payout, 2 approved Yoonla Elite upgrades will need to be generated. (2 upgrades = 150 bucks)

Yoonla will continue to use paypal as a payment option yet other payment options are being worked out. Also wire transfer option will be available for payments over 500. The initial fee is covered by Yoonla, your bank may still charge you a fee.


These are the current updates with Yoonla. Although there are a few diff requirements to making money Yoonla is still a super solid program!


You can join Yoonla For FREE   HERE


~~~~~~~~~~~End Update~~~~~~~~~~


Hi everyone.  I was wondering have you heard of Yoonla?  I made a post about cpa awhile back and mentioned yoonla in it (see it here).  Not sure if you remember or even read it.  Let me tell you a little bit about it.

Basically Yoonla is a platform for creating your own personal digital lifestyle. It teaches you the basics of setting up a squeeze page and basics of email marketing. All stuff to get you started on your way to a digital lifestyle.   There are of course upgrades to the free membership.  Lets start at the free stuff though.

For free you will learn the basics as stated above and will earn a cpa commission for free sign ups from certain countries, (certain countries are blocked due issues Yoonla experienced with them in phase 1).

When you upgrade (which is not paying Yoonla directly) you are basically signing up through their link to a hosting (yahoo) and email autoresponder (getresponse).  By signing up through the link they provide, they get a commission and it is considered the upgrade. A pretty good deal I think!!

The “upgrade” is quite affordable in my opinion.  Getresponse is only 15 bucks a month at the 1st level, and it can be used with many other pages and lists you may want to have. Even if you already have an account you would need to signup through the link inside Yoonla for it to count for your upgrade.  The hosting with Yahoo is a yearly plan at about 85 bucks. HOWEVER!! do not let that price point bother you too much because it does include a domain name, and Yoonla has a coupon for a percentage off of the yearly plan.

Now once you have gone through all of that (it really is simple) and you are fully upgraded, you are all set to make a little more in cpa prices, and since you are upgraded you are all set to make commissions off of upgrades from your signups!

I know people that made thousands in only a couple of months during phase 1 of Yoonla, I was a little lazy when I signed up and didn’t take action when I should have.  Do not be like me and miss out on the money.


Check out Yoonla Now.    >>>>> Click HERE <<<<<

A short post about cpa marketing

Biz Opps That Work

I wanted to put this short post up regarding CPA marketing.

1st What does CPA stand for? Cost Per Action

2nd How does CPA work? Basically, the affiliate gets paid an amount for a specific action from a surfer (website visitor). Examples can be a download, or simply entering an email address into a capture page and confirming.
The confirmation is important, it weeds out the fake email addresses so the company paying for the action is not paying for fake users.

3rd Whats in it for the end user? (End user being the surfer). That can be many things, it can be a download and informational video, or access to a “system”. Value is the number one concern for most marketers and companies alike. Without giving value, they usually won’t see a very long life on the web.

4th whats in it for you as the marketer? Well as stated earlier it is a “cost per action”. So as the marketer you will get paid whatever the set amount is. I remember when I first started with CPA. I was offering a free membership to a site all you the user needed to do was enter an email and confirm. I was getting 2.00 per email at that time. It may not seem like much but “free” is typically an easy sale. So it did add up quicker than other offers some time.

Currently I am working with a good one. The offer is video training to begin your own digital lifestyle. Basically, you sign up for free (thats the cpa part). I will get a few dollars for you signing up and confirming. You will get access to the training series. There is always an upsell, in this case it is VIP membership. VIP membership involves a couple different things that cost, but also make the journey a little more quicker and profitable.

If you would like to get the FREE training to learn more about a digital lifestyle. Please click the link below to check it out.

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