Clone Me review

So I picked up an app the other day called clone me, put out by Brendan Mace. Brendan Mace is a 7 figure affiliate marketer and puts out some really good products for affiliates. Clone Me is one of those products. The app basically gives you access to use his personally proven campaigns.

I did a quick video review of it

If you want check out the Clone Me app go here. ==> Clone Me

Well here we are..

Well here we are in 2021, I remember as a kid in the 80s thinking this was so far away. Oh so many changes since those times. Anyway, these last few weeks I have been contemplating many things when it comes to my online endeavors as stated in previous post.

I have decided to direct my main focus on only a few things. I have a higher ticket affiliate offer that will be my number 1 thing at this point. You can check that out here it is only an 8 minute video to get all the details. It is worth checking out, I guarantee that.

My other focuses will be primarily affiliate marketing promoting mainly clickbank and warrior plus products. I am quite picky about what I promote so I have to take that into consideration. I will be promoting all products/offers through paid/free ads and a big focus on building an email list again.

Email lists are something that I never put much focus on and I believe that has cost me quite a bit of money over the years, so that is something that I need to do. If you are considering affiliate marketing as a way to make some cash really consider building a quality email list. I won’t leave any affiliate links for that but there are many great options for that.

I will also be using a couple different social platforms this year. As I find tips and ideas that are working I will be sharing them over on I do some review of stuff there. You should check it out.

That is about it for today, I will be posting here more often. Talk to you soon.

Some Thoughts

Hello there,

2020 is slowly coming to a close thankfully (for some). I wanted to take a few minutes and tell you about my year end plans in regards to my online endeavors.

Typically, around December I put alot of my efforts on pause and take a 30,000 foot view of the years activities. What has worked, what hasn’t and make any redirection notes necessary for the following year. This year will be slightly different as I have been planning in my head for the last few months…

Since I moved into a new house in Feb 2020 the year has been hectic for me outside of what has been going on in the world. With the new house needed some things done to make it a better fit for me and the fiance, I have been busy. Sometimes too busy to get to my online work. My ebay store, has been opened and closed a few times this year, for a couple different reasons and finding time to sit in front of laptop un- distracted has been a little tough.

All that aside it is time to now to do my recap and re-planning starting in November instead of December. One thing I have been able to keep somewhat on top of is learning new methods. Not able to find time to implement in some cases and then all of the sudden when I do sit at laptop I am somewhat hair-brained and do not focus long enough on one thing.

I have started mapping out this whole thing. I have been working on a binder with different marketing methods for use with things like cpa, clickbank and such. I have also researched a program that will be replacing my bigger ticket program in the coming weeks. Also I have (this year) returned to a program and will be ramping all efforts in its use and promotion.

Basically what this post is for is to hold myself accountable somewhat and give a few ideas of what you could also do at year’s end for your online biz.

In a nutshell, add/replace program that hasn’t been productive, start building my list again, re-ignite current list, gather interesting methods, start to implement them. When one works better than others — scale that. Add video marketing to my list of marketing tactics. One new thing that I will be adding is teaching others about different methods that seem to work for me.

One main thing is to offer more consistency in my activities, whether it be emailing, blogging or videos. 2021 goal is to keep showing up..