So as always if you stopped by and are reading this, thank you.

This will be short. I just wanted to update.

I have narrowed down my list building funnels over on LeadsLeap to about 4-5 funnels, that I will only be using. I am still working my way through all the safelists I am a member of and tracking data. I am running microsoft ads, direct linking to clickbank products not mmo related and doing well with that. I use a kick ass software for those ads. This software makes it so easy to research and get my ads up and running with proven ad copy. I typically only promote products I use or have used. IF you want to check that out, you can do that HERE.

I am enjoying going through emails, and youtube subscriptions and unsubscribing from ALOT. I feel my plate clearing with every unsub. I am looking forward to streamlining and improving my online business in 2024.

Thanks for reading if you did…