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100 Leads for a buck a day?! Wha…

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So I saw the above banner and it honestly made me curious. I don’t believe hardly anything I see online anymore. Then a couple friends of mine, Neil and Ed shared something with me and it turned out to be the program that banner is for. Except they ramped it up with an insane bonus my friend Reed put together.

First I’ll briefly tell you about this. It is simple 100 leads for a buck a day. Everyday 100 leads are added to your back office of this program. You can email them anything you want using the built in mailer which makes these leads less cold. Or you can download them and put them in your AR (makes them very cold). Of course there is an earning opportunity here as with anything that costs money. By the way this is 30 bucks per month. When you get referrals you get 5 bucks per and you get an extra 100 leads daily after you get your first referral. When you refer 5 in the weekly timeframe, you get a $100 dollar bonus. This also pays 5 levels deep on both the membership and the upgrade (email swipes 30 at signup 60 after). So all in all the traffic to any offer you want, simple to use and pays… What more do you need?

Ok now I’ll tell ya quick about the insane bonus I mentioned. There is a private group. In that group there are loads and loads of swipes. There are re-brandable pdfs you can use. There is a funnel that codes to you and also all follow ups are coded to you but you never have to send. Now for the best part. There is a lead swap. Basically everyone that participates in the swap will upload there weekly leads on Friday. ALL of the uploaded leads are then “cleaned” up using a service and then the new clean list of leads is passed out to those that participate.

Now instead of throwing all those leads in your AR and blasting out thousands of emails cold. Just follow the group instructions on setting up a cheap self hosted email, and follow the “warming” instructions.

Using this program you could easily build your personal list to thousands and continue to use the internal mailer, and make some nice cash too!

I want to share this great FREE tool with you


This Completely Free App is an affiliate marketers dream come true!  It is simply a  software that can help them to make commissions by just sharing a third party’s content in Facebook and other social media!

It also comes with complete training on how to use it, including a method to show you exactly how to do it right.

Just setup a campaign. Then find a great article or piece of content you would like to share then copy the link.  You then put the link into this software and it generates a new ‘nice’ link for you to share. This link  contains the piece of content you chose along with a message containing your text and link. This is where you can make money or get simple free traffic.

I have used it and shared some stuff on my social networking platforms and have noticed higher site stats and more clicks to offers when I use those links.   There are a few things about this that make it great in my opinion.

You don’t need to host anything to use it.  Once set up you can make new links in less than 5 minutes. Once the link is shared it will be there forever, and best of all again it is completely FREE to use!

Ready to utilize your social platforms to gain more traffic and clicks to offers?  Of course you are!!

Get in to this FREE software  here and now!

Safelist traffic sources that work for me.


Most of us know very well about safelist traffic. I did a quick pros and cons on safelist traffic a few months ago. You can check that out by clicking here.   In this post I wanted to discuss a couple of the safelists that I am on and that I use and recommend. These are not in a specific order, just 3 of my favorites right now and keep in mind these are completely free to join.

The first one would have to be mailthislist.

I like this one alot for a couple reasons. Of course it is free to join, and offers upsells on login. mailthislist offers a whole lot for a free member and you can log into the site and click ads to get your credits.  They also offer good bonuses when clicking credits like this 10 emails gives a 100 bonus credits, 25 gets 150, 50 gets 250, and 100 gets you a whopping 499!  That is on top of the credits for the individual mails.  You can post banners and text ads also and the credits work for the mailer and the banners.  There is also a ‘track & rotate’ tool. A free account allows 10 trackers, these do come in quite handy. The mailer part of the program is nice in that fact that you can mail as often as you like as long as you have the credits. No waiting between mailings. Also you can see your past mailings and some brief stats, and one click “send again” option. There is also the upgrades, and the ‘login spotlight’ offer (both paid). There are quite a few promo tools for promoting the program and a built in downline builder.  Are you ready to check this out and get some free traffic

The second is going to be Mailsy.

  Mailsy is a nice one and I wanted to mention it just based on the responsiveness I have seen from my mailings. As a free member you can only mail once every 5 days. The platform also offers text and banners too. Of course there is a referral program and some promo tools are provided. As of this writing there over 4000 members you could be mailing your offer to for free. This one you do need to click emails  to get credits, they do not offer a way to do it on website. The mails are simple and very easy to find the credit link. You can get free bonus credits (one time) for reading emails. Also they run monthly contests and have other activity bonuses.  Ready to get some free mailsy traffic ?

The 3rd one I want to talk about is TDWSafelist.

This one was just recently introduced to me, but I found it extremely helpful.  With TDW you get 20k safelist, 1k website hits, and more just for joining for free.  There are a ton of things going on in this site. You can click for credits right from the home page after signing in.  The site navigation is right on the top and VERY easy to use and find what you are looking for. They offer banner ads, text ads, member mailer, that are all free plus you can purchase solo ads, header ads, and footer ads. Of course there are other membership upgrades you can purchase but I am focusing mainly on the free benefits at this time.  Here is one of my favorite parts of this safelist— Free TDW Safelist Vault Products!!!  There are 23 pages! of products/ebooks for you to download.  Imagine having this library on so many topics at your fingertips to use to get traffic and conversions. I infact just downloaded a few more products today.  Ready to use this robust source?


I hope you enjoyed this article.  I do use other safelists to get free traffic, and am always looking to add more to the list to try. If you have one you would like me to check out please feel free to comment and let me know.

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