I want to share this great FREE tool with you

This Completely Free App is an affiliate marketers dream come true!  It is simply a  software that can help them to make commissions by just sharing a third party’s content in Facebook and other social media!

It also comes with complete training on how to use it, including a method to show you exactly how to do it right.

Just setup a campaign. Then find a great article or piece of content you would like to share then copy the link.  You then put the link into this software and it generates a new ‘nice’ link for you to share. This link  contains the piece of content you chose along with a message containing your text and link. This is where you can make money or get simple free traffic.

I have used it and shared some stuff on my social networking platforms and have noticed higher site stats and more clicks to offers when I use those links.   There are a few things about this that make it great in my opinion.

You don’t need to host anything to use it.  Once set up you can make new links in less than 5 minutes. Once the link is shared it will be there forever, and best of all again it is completely FREE to use!

Ready to utilize your social platforms to gain more traffic and clicks to offers?  Of course you are!!

Get in to this FREE software  here and now!

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