So here I am again.

So here I am again, posting to this site after way too long. Life is always hectic for me and most of us and while I am still pushing forward with my internet business endeavors updating this site, sadly takes a back burner.

So for an update: I am still pushing for the “my own product” angle and using safe lists for starter traffic before paid. List building being the major focus with this project. Currently for that I am working on getting enough credits in alot of safelists. Every day or so I pick a safelist and click for credits until I have enough for at least 2 mailings or more.

Also I am looking at doing some social campaigns but I will not be using the traditional and currently trendy networks. There are alternatives to just about every social app and they are rapidly gaining popularity and I am choosing to focus on them.

I will be wrapping up my ebay business by months end to free up some time for other pursuits. I still may list things for sale from time to time, but it will not be a priority.

That about sums it up for now. If you read this thanks..

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