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I have been busy working on my safelist/leadsleap list building efforts, I am currently working with 5-6 leadsleap funnels to build this list and only using safelists at this time to build my list. I am spending more time on individual safelists that I am a member of and learning the benefits of the site and working to utilize them more (more than just sending solos). For instance, on listsurfing once you surf 50 sites as a free member, you get up to 250 hits to your submitted site, and that is not using credits! I still get to send solos with my credits and get these extra hits just for surfing 50 and that takes about 10 mins. Not too bad. I also joined the new hot traffic site launching October 24 that all the gurus are promoting. If you want to check that out CLICK Here, earn more money and traffic! I am using these safelist sites to build my lists, only sending to leadslead funnels that I am using. Basically, I use the funnels to collect the leads, and use the 6 or 7 day follow up with the funnel, and after that ends, send the subscriber to my “main” list that I have set up in leadsleap and continue to email value and hopefully make sales, when I send something that I can make sales with.

I am not unhappy with the listbuilding results I am getting from safelist traffic. One of the guys I follow says that it takes about 800-1000 safelist hits to get 1-2 solid subscribers, but the cost per lead is SOOO cheap doing it in this manner. I will be looking into automated ways of doing this and keeping you updated on that. As of right now, I do click for credits and send out mails — BUT there is a better way! Well I am done my surfing and posting for tonite.

If you are stopping by and reading this I do truly thank you ..

Been busy..

General Talk

I have been very very busy and productive since my last post. I have added a few funnels into leadsleap for my list building. I am tracking safelist traffic like crazy, and taking manual notes. I have over 50 safelists loaded with credits for an email blast during the week (monday-friday). I want to measure if it makes a difference if I send the solo during the week mid day.

I started using my ppc campaigns again on microsoft ads, I use an awesome tool for that. I started using it a couple of years ago with success, recently the software was updated to include AI technology. If you are running microsoft ads to your website or pages I recommend checking this software out. After going through the training and simple set up it basically, searches and finds you currently running ads on bing, the software (once connected to your microsoft ads account) can then “push” those ads into your campaigns!! Could it get any easier? A winning ad with a couple of clicks..

Check out this software here.

I also finally broke and started using tiktok for affiliate marketing. Pretty easy way to go about it..
Basically find a product, build a quick page, then setup the tiktok account and boom, the traffic comes pretty easily. As I am pretty busy, I found PLR short form videos in my niche and bought them I also went over to fiverr and found someone that made me 400+ videos in my niche for 15 bucks! I do also create my own. Once a week I sit down and schedule my videos for the next 7-10 days and once every other day I take a few minutes and make my own video and upload. I was honestly surprised by the results.

thats it for now, if you are here reading these posts, I want to thank you ..

A little update and Inventory Time..

General Talk

So the list building is going quite well still using only free/safelist traffic. I am using a couple different lead capture funnels to feed my main list. I am also doing quite well with a cpa offer/network I am using.

As far as inventory time, every year around Aug/Sept I go through all my domains and services. See what needs major updating. Some sites may need theme changes and plugin changes. I have some domains that just redirect to a business or sales page ( I do look at those more than 1 time per year) for the redirects I look at the data of the year and make adjustments accordingly.

Services, this can be a big and time consuming task. I will go through any services I am paying for first, and took a hard look at the data and measure its value, I will look for other options to that service and make changes accordingly. Free services get a yes or no answer. If it is worth using going forward based on results I will, if not I discontinue using it, unsubscribe to anything related to it. I keep the login info in a notepad file in case I want to check on the service at a later time, but not seeing emails (sometimes promo emails) will keep me from getting distracted.

Thats all for now, thanks for stopping by and checking this site out.

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