Happy Holidays

Okay so it is technically Christmas Eve for those of us that celebrate the holiday.

I’m making this little post probably the last post of the year.

I also want to mention that my leadsleap(did a quick review over on stepstoearn.com if you wanna check it out) experiment is going quite well. It really is quite a powerful platform for a fantastic price. I am using this platform for my primary list building purposes and have made my landing pages there also.

I have also decided to go back to my affiliate roots (partially) and start doing adsense pages and sites. This also brought me to doing stand alone pages on a generic domain that I have promoting cb products. I have started and will continue to make these pages in interesting niches way outside of the make money online niche. I have found that I really love doing this…

I will continue to update this site with my journey and tips and ideas when I come accross valuable info.

To those that stop by my site—- Thank You

Where am I?

Well it is November almost Thanksgiving here in the states, and yes I am still working this internet thing and getting small but positive exciting results.

Tonite for example as I was working my “safelist sunday” I was sending solos to some of my safelists and as I was sending I got two opt ins to my new list on LeadsLeap. As you may remember I wrote previously about moving my whole online business endeavors to LeadsLeap and dropping other services. I have done that and am quite happy so far.

If you are in the online marketing business ( you probably are if you are here) you should check out LeadsLeap — It’s Phenomenal! If you want to check out my review of leadsleap go over to Stepstoearn.com I will be putting up a quick review shortly.

I have been also trying to educate myself with a biz op that I have been in for awhile that has gone through a major transformation. I will be posting more about that in the next couple days as I continue to educate myself on the recent changes/improvements.

Thanks for stopping by to read my ramblings. I appreciate you.

A little bit of honesty and accountability..

So ..

I had plans, I had ideas for 2022 and I shared them here in the beginning of the year. Sadly 2022 has beaten me up pretty good on and offline. Finding time for online stuff this year has been a real struggle. Life offline hasn’t been much easier.

I feel that I have spread myself too thin most of the time. Tonite I emailed my small list, with an email titled “Step 1 to goodbye”. Basically by the end of the month I will be deleting my current contacts lists, and email setups. I will include a link to a new opt in page in the last email I send incase anyone wants to continue getting my emails.

For the rest of this month I will be working on mindset, and getting the new setup in place and infrastructure in place.

I will continue to update. If you are reading this —– Thank You