100 Leads for a buck a day?! Wha…

So I saw the above banner and it honestly made me curious. I don’t believe hardly anything I see online anymore. Then a couple friends of mine, Neil and Ed shared something with me and it turned out to be the program that banner is for. Except they ramped it up with an insane bonus my friend Reed put together.

First I’ll briefly tell you about this. It is simple 100 leads for a buck a day. Everyday 100 leads are added to your back office of this program. You can email them anything you want using the built in mailer which makes these leads less cold. Or you can download them and put them in your AR (makes them very cold). Of course there is an earning opportunity here as with anything that costs money. By the way this is 30 bucks per month. When you get referrals you get 5 bucks per and you get an extra 100 leads daily after you get your first referral. When you refer 5 in the weekly timeframe, you get a $100 dollar bonus. This also pays 5 levels deep on both the membership and the upgrade (email swipes 30 at signup 60 after). So all in all the traffic to any offer you want, simple to use and pays… What more do you need?

Ok now I’ll tell ya quick about the insane bonus I mentioned. There is a private group. In that group there are loads and loads of swipes. There are re-brandable pdfs you can use. There is a funnel that codes to you and also all follow ups are coded to you but you never have to send. Now for the best part. There is a lead swap. Basically everyone that participates in the swap will upload there weekly leads on Friday. ALL of the uploaded leads are then “cleaned” up using a service and then the new clean list of leads is passed out to those that participate.

Now instead of throwing all those leads in your AR and blasting out thousands of emails cold. Just follow the group instructions on setting up a cheap self hosted email, and follow the “warming” instructions.

Using this program you could easily build your personal list to thousands and continue to use the internal mailer, and make some nice cash too!

Stripped Down Method For Anyone to Get Online Sales

Here is a quick review of this course called Stipped Down Sales. This course was put together by James Renouf and Jeremy Kennedy. James Renouf is the most followed warriorplus product creator. James brings over 10 years of internet marketing experience and over 100,000 sales. Basically I would say James knows what he is talking about.

With Stripped Down Sales:

  •  You DON’T need a website.
  •  You DON’T need any additional money.
  •  You DON’T need to buy tools, it’s FREE!
  •  You DON’T need any previous experience.
  •  You DON’T need an email list.
  •  You DON’T need to spend more than 10-15 mins a day after setup.

The method itself is beyond simple. Once purchased you will have to download a pdf with 12 video training modules.

Module 1 and 2 are the welcome and the overview modules. Modules 2 and 3 are case studies showing that the method works. Module 5 is where the training starts.

Module 5: “Throw expensive tools out the window”. This module shows you how to implement this method on a shoe string budget. Using free simple to use tools. This module walks you through the primary setup. Video about 7 mins.

Module 6: “How to make something your customers will love” This module shows you the basics of product creation. Video about 14 mins.

Module 7: “Crafting a message that will have them begging to buy”. This module teaches the basics of online selling and sales letter and offers a template to help with that. Video about 9 mins.

Module 8: “Multiply your earnings in an instant”. This module simply teaches the concept of adding value to make the customer happy and shows you how to implement concept. Video about 8 mins.

Module 9: ” How to get eyeballs on it”. This module shows you easy free methods to get people looking at what you are offering. Offering samples and a couple different methods for free traffic. Video about 15 mins.

Module 10: “Selling Other People’s Products”. This part is great too. This module shows you how to use this strategy to sell offers from clickbank and other marketplaces. This is not just about product creation and this module shows that. Video about 10 mins.

Modules 11 and 12 are basically talking briefly about mindset and being creative and then a thank you video for taking the course.

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There are (as with everything) upsells, but this course keeps it simple. There are only 3 “one time offers”. OTO 1 Full Done For You System priced at 49 dollars. OTO 2 is Sales Multiplier priced at 19 dollars. OTO 3 VIP Mastermind priced also at 19 dollars. Those are the only upsells with this course. While they are indeed an upgrade to the course, the course is fully workable without any upsells (unlike other products).

I also have a small bonus that goes with this if you purchase through my link offering 5 products/courses that will make the product easier to use and make more money with.

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How to be decisive and..

I have always loved listening to motivational content either on youtube or some other platform on my phone. I usually listen while driving. I especially like to listen to Ed Mylett for motivation. For me he makes ALOT of sense. Here is one of his videos titled “HOW To be DECISIVE and Take MASSIVE ACTION Today!”. It’s a little over 10 minutes and worth every second. Enjoy !