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We all need motivation from time to time

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Lately I have been taking in alot of videos and audios talking about motivation and focus.  There are times when it is so difficult to sit down at my laptop or pc and get started.  Sometimes I am so “blurry” that I  cannot pinpoint what needs to be done at that time.  I found this video and thought you may find it interesting and valuable.



Focus tips for entrepreneur.

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If you are breaking the mold and trying your best to earn money online or on your own, without clocking in or reporting to someone you have an entrepreneur mindset.  That is great!!

I wanted to make this post regarding focus. Something I have been lacking some days this month (considering the start of it.).  I hope you enjoy the vid. Please keep an open mind about the people shown. You may not like where they are now, but they have achieved something great in the entrepreneurial world.  Thanks

What to post??????

General Talk

You know many times I sit here, staring at the screen wondering what to post about.  What will bring value to my readers. It sometimes is a struggle to be honest.  Bringing forth good content is difficult sometimes yet always important. No one wants to constantly see promotional posts, that are trying to sell a product or service, and no one wants to see just random babble about nothing.

Just yesterday I started to watch a “case study” on 0-60 days make 1000 bucks with “insert biz name here” .  I watched a few days worth of videos and realized that is was nothing but wasted time.  Basically he told what he did and what niche he was using. He did not share anything about his posting or videos he was creating, not really any value to his watchers.

I guess what I am getting at here (this may be a babbling post lol) is basically if you are going to post to any where on the web, make it interesting for your readers.  If you learn something new, share it.  It is quite ok to give stuff away for free. People out there appreciate it, and they will remember you for it.    I hope that was value.


Have a great day.

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