A little bit more about social media marketing.

Okay so here is a little more about social media marketing.

(I was recently asked about this particular part of fb mktg)

Okay so facebook has many options for marketing your product or business.  Most of them for free. I may discuss fb ads at another time, but not now.  Okay so you have your personal profile to use, but some people don’t want to fill their family and friends timeline with marketing posts, there are ways around that.  First of all you can select who sees your posts and make a group specifically for those posts. However there are other ways.  You can make a fb page or multiple pages for your business/product.  Some people I know of make a page for the product and another for the opportunity. Then you can request from your friends for a like. You can also share the page link all over the web, also like any social platform the more consistent you are with updating and posting it will help with traffic. There are also TONS of groups on fb.  Join some of the groups related to your niche  and share your products or pages —  Don’t be spammy and DO follow rules.  Also if you join groups keep it manageable, pay attention to them. If they are active keep them, if they are inactive remove yourself from that group and find others.  Be active in the group other than just posting links. Share value, tell some highlights of your product, share tips, reply to others posts. Send requests to those who you build rapport with, share your page with them.  Some of this may seem like work but if you are running an online business it is work, you just control how much work you are doing.

The more relationships and trust you build with others (across the entire web not just fb) will lead to a better opportunity to build your business.  Stay consistent on your page, be a real person and participate in groups, not just posting your link to a few hundred groups a day —  although that may work and get post engagement, unless you are paying for a poster it is A whole lot of work and does not offer a good ROI. Where as being a real person stands a better chance of a good ROI.

Also remember that there are probably many people promoting the same offer as you.  What makes you stand out amongst them?  That is where rapport and relationship building come in.


Best of luck

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