a little update

So as I have previously done. I am here to give a little update on whats going on.

The website redo turned into quite a bit more than that, and has taken more of my time than planned, yet is finally coming to a close.

For my own system that I wanted to have implemented by now, everything is outlined and being constructed. I will be offering 3 items for free at the landing page 2 reports and 1 ebook. Then I will be initially promoting a system that I started using. This system offers premade (DFY) funnels for various products at a couple of different aff networks. Perfect for the complete beginner and a nice addition for the seasoned marketer.

From there the (never ending ) email sequence (currently being updloaded/worked on) will kick in. Of course the first few days will be promoting the front end product and introducing myself. Then the value and training emails will come. I will be sending free softwares and trainings to the list. The next stage of emails are promo emails. A few different emails promoting GOOD products that will help make someone money if they take action. I will have over 6 months of emails preloaded at the actual start of this part of the campaign.

As far as traffic, I have upgraded a few sources and am running traffic direct to offers and seeing how that goes, and then will send to my new campaign.

If you are still here thanks for reading..

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