A quick little summer update

As most people also are, I too have been extremely busy this summer trying to get some projects done around house all while spending time with my family and grand kids.

However this does not mean I have stopped. I have decided to keep all my list building efforts done at leadsleap. One of my mentors has a safelist leads and traffic plan using it, so I will give it a shot.

I will be pausing my getresponse account for awhile until I get a couple of products listed on w+ and selling. Since LeadsLeap does not integrate with W+ (that I saw) I will build my buyers list on getresponse once I start seeing consistent buyers.

I do have a product listed on W+ currently and am working on adding 2 more and also am working on a 3rd to be added some time later. If you want to check out my current product it is, a software suite for affiliate marketing. This bundle basically gives the buyer everything needed to get started. There is a commission page maker (copying proven campaigns – traffic here also), there is a bonus page builder (more software to sweeten the deal) and a simple video creator to make a promo vid to grab some free traffic from vid sites like youtube. If you want to take a look at it it is here —–> Affiliate Explosion Kit

Thanks for reading

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