another day a new post.

Usually I am very busy on and offline and struggle to keep a good schedule for posting to my various sites.  This never used to be a struggle but it has been as of late.  I will start being way more diligent when it comes to updating. There are amazing and simple tools built into wordpress to make these tasks more attainable. I will be posting 2 times per week starting June 1st.  I will be posting quick reviews on methods, (they will be shared from another site of mine) I will be posting motivational content on top of the regular 2 weekly posts.

Regular life is starting to come back down to normal, then all of the sudden the seasonal busy work starts. Getting the yard ready for bbqs, helping my fiance get the garden going, and one of our dogs just had puppies and they are at the point where they require less momma and more human work.

I will not let this site go forgotten any longer…  This I promise.

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