Happy Holidays

Okay so it is technically Christmas Eve for those of us that celebrate the holiday.

I’m making this little post probably the last post of the year.

I also want to mention that my leadsleap(did a quick review over on stepstoearn.com if you wanna check it out) experiment is going quite well. It really is quite a powerful platform for a fantastic price. I am using this platform for my primary list building purposes and have made my landing pages there also.

I have also decided to go back to my affiliate roots (partially) and start doing adsense pages and sites. This also brought me to doing stand alone pages on a generic domain that I have promoting cb products. I have started and will continue to make these pages in interesting niches way outside of the make money online niche. I have found that I really love doing this…

I will continue to update this site with my journey and tips and ideas when I come accross valuable info.

To those that stop by my site—- Thank You

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