Hey all..

Just wanted to keep everything here updated.

Been alot going on around here. Winter weather has finally hit (got to love single digit temps…) . I usually resume my ebay business after my winter/holiday break and have done that. I also took on a website redesign job including full site redesign and creating a second additional site for a local campground. Along with a few other things.

Regarding what will be my “mostly” stand alone email biz that I have mentioned, I have courses that I am working on to have as my own product. The business plan is outlined, and emails (alot of them) are being loaded into the autoresponder. The web pages being used and sales copy are just about complete also.

However with all of that going on, I did do a product review video and a quick post over at one of my other sites — StepsToEarn.com if you want to check that out click on the that website.

Thanks for reading..

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