How to enhance your E1U business.

Hey there, my last post was about an online business that does work and work well.  Today I wanted to post real quick about a simple and effective way to enhance your E1U business.

Vertex Lead System is a marketing system that was designed and built specifically for E1U.  This robust marketing system offers a ton of value for the one time fee.

That is a quick look at the resources section of VLS.   VLS also offers a couple different pre made funnels to use for E1U and also a page creator if you wanted to run a custom funnel from within the system.  There is also a contact manager built in. There is an autoresponder series included in this platform. You also have the ability to see all contact info and broadcast your leads.   I love the system personally. It is one of the biggest reasons I decided to revive and upgrade my E1U business.  If you are interested in learning more about E1U or VLS leave a comment or shoot me an email or check out the links below. I will use 2 different VLS capture pages so you can see a sample just by going to links. The system will show you the rest. Enjoy

E1U  (VLS capture page 1)

VLS  (VLS capture page 3)

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