Leased Ad Space as a business opportunity.

Hey there again everyone. In my last post I talked about Leased Ad Space as a paid traffic source. Now I would like to talk about Leased Ad Space as an earning opportunity.  In the past the LAS compensation plan worked on a complex matrix style. This has changed to a much more simpler, longer lasting style commission structure.  Now with that out of the way, I will discuss the basics AND the compensation in more detail below.

First off new affiliates must pay a one time 10 dollar setup fee. Previous LAS members that own traffic packages are exempt from this.

There are a few requirements for selling (remaining an active affiliate) they are.

  1. The above mentioned set up fee.
  2. US residents,  must provide a fully executed copy of a IRS W9 form.  This is pretty standard, instructions on this are in the back office.
  3. You must have an active account in the prior 180 days. Qualifying activity: logging in to your LAS account, using any of your purchased LAS advertising services and receiving inbound hits to your affiliate link. If your account goes dormant for 180 days or more in any of the previously listed ways, we will immediately deactivate your affiliate account.
  4. You must maintain a valid, active, and “non bouncing” email address where we can reach you with information regarding your LAS affiliate account. If your email bounces when we try and reach you we will immediately suspend your affiliate status.
  5. KEEP YOUR PAYMENT INFO CURRENT> Paypal or Bitcoin (at this time)

That seems pretty simple to me. A couple very easy and reasonable rules, and realistically if you are using the product none of this should be an issue. It is always easier to use the product you are selling. I typically use a product for a little while before I go all nuts promoting it. Now I will discuss the affiliate tools a little bit.


First off on the aff tools home page you will see your basic links. 1 for the adboard aff link, your primary link and one that goes direct to signup page. There are descriptions on what the links are best used for and a write up telling you how to use ANY  LAS url as your personal link.

The second tab in the aff tools page is pre-written email copy. They have several emails done for you. These emails are meant to be sent to your current email list (if you have one). I am sure they can also be effective in solo ads or safelist sends.

The next tab is text ads. There are some pre-written text ads for you to use. You can copy the HTML and paste where needed or just copy the text and use your preferred link. Keep in mind that many are using these, they may work best on your personal sites, and you can mix and match the text to make your own ‘custom’ text ad.

The next tab is for banners. They offer pre-made banners for you to use ranging in sizes from 125×125 to 728×90  there are a few of each.

The next tab is splash pages. There are about 5 “stock” splash pages to use and then there are a few custom options available. Like personally branded pages with your pic and stats etc..

The last tab is the social tab. The content for this tab at this time is under development.

Now the important part. The commission structure as stated before it is now simpler. You refer a member and they make a purchase, you get a commission. Your referrals are yours forever.  You do not have to own the product level they purchase to make a commission, you in fact do not need to own a product period (although the rates are based on the level you own.) You can sell any of the 7 traffic packages regardless of whether you own that level or not. Also there is the ‘paraAds’ that are eligible for commissions.

The commission rates are based on the traffic package you yourself own. Keep in mind -“owning a package is not required to be an affiliate, nor is it required to earn commissions. You can earn commissions on sales without purchasing any packages yourself. ” Having said that, all affiliates are of course encouraged to also purchase and use the advertising that they are trying to sell. It’s a little hard to convince a lead to purchase something that you yourself don’t actually own or haven’t used yourself. As such, serious affiliates who have invested the time, money and energy in to really understanding our poducts, how to leverage their value, and how to sell them, are rewarded with higher commission payouts. There are three teirs for commissions.

Recruit – 25% commission on all sales they refer. Recruits (free members) do not themselves own a traffic package.

Soldier – 50% commission on all sales they refer. Soldiers own at least one traffic package themselves.

General – 75% commission on all sales they refer. Generals own the Red Diamond traffic package.

If you would like to check out Leased Ad Space for an earning opportunity. Click the banner below or any of the links throughout the post.  Thank you.

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