Setting up my email marketing

Getting my email marketing setup will be my main goal today. Over all my years marketing online, I can honestly say I regret not giving an email list the attention it deserves.

I am thinking of giving trafficwave a shot. As with some others you get a free trial with trafficwave for 30 days. I have used power lead system and getresponse in the past also tried mailchimp (they shut it down for sending aff offers). I liked getresponse and have no reason to not choose them this time around, other than trying something diff. The issue I personally noticed with power lead sys was my email deliverability did not seem to be that great and there is not a whole lot of data involved in the stats. Other than that power lead system is a great system that has a lot to offer and I still use them for other stuff.

Initially getting the system in place should be quite easy. Setting up the account and building out a couple of capture pages. I already have some follow up emails ready to go for the AR series. I will be testing using and not using lead magnets, I will also be using a capture page as a pre lander to an offer. I want to also have a bridge page to test with some of them.

I watched a training last week and the guy said basically that you only need one capture page for list building. Not separate pages for offers ( I have done this in the past). Just capture page and one main list. So I will be testing that idea along with the others stated.

I will be adding an opt in form here on this site somewhere in the sidebar if anyone wants to join and get some value.

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