So Here we are..

So usually around the end of the year, I take a few steps back and analyze my online endeavors. I have started this process already and it seems to be more to consider this year.

As always at the end of the year I start a push with my online auctions on ebay and have been using fb marketplace also. That will be taking up some time.

I am also having a look at the affiliate stuff I am in and making changes and plans. Realistically when it all comes down to it, most if not all online marketing is basically the lead generation business. One of the guys I follow online used to say that all the time. Over the years of my marketing I have seen the phrase the money is in the list. That list are your personal leads and personal traffic source. Some people have a list which equals money on demand when they email.

I never started a list when I first started marketing, big mistake. After taking a break from online for a couple of years I dabbled in list making and email marketing, but did not give it the attention it deserved. I have built a few lists over the years that seemed ok in the beginning and sizzled out over a short amount of time. Those lists were completely deleted (another mistake). I currently use GetResponse for my email marketing and am spending time learning how to make the system work more efficiently for my needs. Email marketing and list building will account for over 50% of my online business in the coming year.

I will continue with cpa stuff and big ticket offers, however a very large focus will be on email and list building. I want to build a responsive list and provide great value not just offers. That is were the stumble sometimes comes from.

I am currently following some of Lee Murrays email trainings (has some great products around email marketing if you want to check him out). Also Matt Bacak recently wrote a book regarding emails that I am currently reading. I am trying to engulf myself in the everything email right now.

Thanks for reading, more updates to come…

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