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A place for free leads


This one is simple folks.  It offers you not only the opportunity for leads but is also allows you test your sales copy before spending money.

There is very few places on the web that give you something for free!  It may not be monetary, it might be you clicking on ads or signing up to an email list etc..

This site is no different. HOWEVER it is super simple and quick!

All you have to do is click on 10 ads on the website. After you complete that, you can then post your ad to 5000 people.  People that sign up under you to use this free service then get added to your 5k.  From time to time you may see the word bonus next to an ad, will give you bonus leads. I believe the last bonus I got was 2500 extra leads for 30 days.

The flexibility of your ad placement is very nice also.  In your “subject” line you can use emoji type icons, some text variations. This is a good way to test various subject lines for future use.  The ad is made using a wysiwyg editor. You can use images, clickable links, various colors and backgrounds and fonts and sizes and so on.

This site is not only a great way to get free leads but also an awesome way of testing your ad copy. You may also see something that sparks your interest too, be it traffic or bizop!

If you want to check this site out and give it a run for FREE just click the image below.

If you have questions about this or need help getting started with it feel free to message me