We all need quality leads/traffic right?

In this world of internet marketing we all need quality leads for our offers, Correct?  Of course! The big question for alot people especially those just getting started is how do we get quality leads.


Of course there is the warm market, your social media presence, your friends and so on. There is also blind social media group posting (which does work) that one is kinda warm/kinda cold.  The majority of warm markets to some people are the friends/contacts in your personal email. I don’t know about you but I don’t go bother all my friends and family with online business opportunities.


Then you have cold marketing. Which is basically bought traffic. This works very well for ALOT of people and most of us have used it. I myself do. This type of traffic is great except…….   what if you cannot write good copy?  Then it is money out the window correct?  This is escpecially true when it comes to solo ads. However there is another way of getting leads, that is getting into social platforms for online workers. Similar to IBO here (without ALL the extras that ibo offers).


One of them that I have found quite nice is MLMGateway. This is a platform that allows you to connect with other marketers. You can join for free. There is an upgraded level like everything else out there. The beauty of MLMGateway is that once you post your offer, a member that sees it and is interested comes to you. This makes them a higher quality of a lead —- wouldn’t you agree?    I have been getting emails telling me that so and so wants to join my business.  All I did was post the link in the platform and band!


Leads are what we all need and if this offering of MLMGateway sounds interesting to you, you should check it out. It is free to join, so what will it really hurt?

Thanks for reading here is the link again incase you missed it lol



To your success!

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