Where am I?

Well it is November almost Thanksgiving here in the states, and yes I am still working this internet thing and getting small but positive exciting results.

Tonite for example as I was working my “safelist sunday” I was sending solos to some of my safelists and as I was sending I got two opt ins to my new list on LeadsLeap. As you may remember I wrote previously about moving my whole online business endeavors to LeadsLeap and dropping other services. I have done that and am quite happy so far.

If you are in the online marketing business ( you probably are if you are here) you should check out LeadsLeap — It’s Phenomenal! If you want to check out my review of leadsleap go over to Stepstoearn.com I will be putting up a quick review shortly.

I have been also trying to educate myself with a biz op that I have been in for awhile that has gone through a major transformation. I will be posting more about that in the next couple days as I continue to educate myself on the recent changes/improvements.

Thanks for stopping by to read my ramblings. I appreciate you.

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