Let’s look at Leased Ad Space


I want to do a little review of leased ad space here.  This falls into the traffic category, but just like many other things out, there is an affiliate program also (I did a write up on that also,  you can see it HERE ).

Basically when you join Leased Ad Space (you can join for completely free) you get some free traffic generating tools. You have the option to buy traffic packages. There are 8 levels to be purchased starting from less than 10 bucks going all the way up to 147. The details for each package are below.

All members are given a free customizable personal profile page. Get noticed!
Start generating content and getting your name out there using our free Personal Blog!
Post in our Ad Board Directory using click credits. 10 credits per post


BANNER ADS: 8,000 Impressions
TEXT ADS: 4,000 Impressions
SOLO EMAILS: 1 every 28 days, cross posted to our AdBlog!
1 free post per day in our Ad Board Directory. Additional posts: 7 credits



BANNER ADS: 12,000 Impressions
TEXT ADS: 6,000 Impressions
SOLO EMAILS: 1 every 14 days, cross posted to our AdBlog!
2 free posts per day in our Ad Board Directory. Additional posts: 7 credits



BANNER ADS: 20,000 Impressions
TEXT ADS: 14,000 Impressions
SOLO EMAILS: 1 every 9 days, cross posted to our AdBlog!
3 free posts per day in our Ad Board Directory. Additional posts: 7 credits



BANNER ADS: 24,000 Impressions
TEXT ADS: 16,000 Impressions
SOLO EMAILS: 1 every 7 days, cross posted to our AdBlog!
4 free posts per day in our Ad Board Directory. Additional posts: 7 credits



BANNER ADS: 8,000 Impressions
TEXT ADS: 18,000 Impressions
SOLO EMAILS: 1 every 5 days, cross posted to our AdBlog!
5 free posts per day in our Ad Board Directory. Additional posts: 7 credits



BANNER ADS:  40,000 Impressions
TEXT ADS: 20,000 Impressions
SOLO EMAILS: 1 every 4 days, cross posted to our AdBlog!
6 free posts per day in our Ad Board Directory. Additional posts: 7 credits



BANNER ADS: 110,000 Impressions MONTHLY
TEXT ADS: 60,000 Impressions MONTHLY
SOLO EMAILS: 1 every 48 hours, cross posted to our AdBlog!
25 free posts per day in our Ad Board Directory. Additional posts: 7 credits


As you can see in the above break down, only the highest level resets monthly. The other package impression amounts are cumulative. The solo ad and ad board post are frequency based.
As of this writing the main website has an alexa rank of 149,221 globally and 44,436 in U. S only. Also as of this writing the ad board is getting posted on by the minute. This tells you that there is traffic through this platform.


What I watched happen with this, is it was approached by the masses as an earning opportunity (earning selling traffic). Alot of people were more concerned with getting referrals than using the traffic. The traffic is surely there, and keep in mind that the majority of the traffic are people that have bought a traffic package for their own promotions. With that being said, maybe they have NO interest in what your offering; HOWEVER, they are more than likely buyers if they are on this platform and maybe they have never seen what you are offering. So keep both ideas in mind. I typically change around my banners and ads inside the platform, and I do get clicks and opt ins from this traffic. I do also use the solo ad option quite often and it does get results. I look at this part as a higher quality safe list.



So in a nutshell LeasedAdSpace does just what it claims, sends traffic. Buy the package that works for you and build from there.  If you want to check it out,
I will do a separate post explaining the affiliate side of LeasedAdSpace. That post will be live in a couple of days.


 Thanks for reading.


How to build and maintain a quality fb group list for marketing.

Okay, this will be my last post on fb marketing for awhile. So to conclude this subject, I want to talk about building and maintain a list of fb groups that are worth keeping for marketing purposes.  This can and will take some time and patience, however most of us spend quite a bit of time on fb.  Let’s use that time to build some quality advertising opportunities.

1.)  First. up in the search bar of fb type in your niche or terms related to your niche and look at the group results.

2.)  Start joining a groups moderately. Only do about 10-15 throughout the day. Maybe 7 in am and 7 or 8 in pm. Space them out and don’t try to join too many. Doing it this way will help avoid “fb jail”.

3.) The next day before you attempt to join any more new groups, look at what groups accepted your request. Go into those groups, read the pinned post.  Check the ‘files’ tab in group for any rule related items.  Then scroll through the posts in the group. Look for engagement AND variety in posters.

4.)  After looking through the group’s content and activity, and deciding if it is a good and active group. Make a post simply introducing yourself. Say who you are and that you hope to make some quality connections in this group.  Possibly comment on some of the posts if they interest you. Do this with the first set of groups, it should not take more than 10 minutes per group.

5.)  Now you have your first set of groups and have made your introduction post and maybe some comments. It is time to search for some more and repeat the process.  You may get messages from people in the group looking to “connect with like minded individuals”. This is something you may consider doing down the line, but hold for now.  Keep adding groups to your list.

6.) After being accepted into groups and making your intro post, the next day make your first promo post. Find a good image, try to stay away from images with company logos in the beginning (the name may deter them). I personally say not to “flash cash” but that is only a suggestion.  Then come up with some ad copy. Try and make it interesting so they want to comment and learn more about your offer. Then build the relationship through messages (off of the post).

If your posts are not getting engagement, the first couple times don’t dismay. You are new to the group and you may need to give it a little bit of time. If after you have posted in a certain group multiple times in a month or two  and still have not gotten engagement consider removing yourself from the group and move on.

As previously stated this method takes some time, but can truly give you a quality audience. A lot of times most of the members in these groups are marketers and just want to promote their offer, but if you peak their interest with your pitch, you just might get them in your business. While although they are also marketers, at one point they were buyers.


Build a nice list of groups, maintain it buy checking engagement of posts once in awhile. Always be on the lookout for new groups and post regularly. Don’t just pitch them offer value also. Give them something free, point them to a blog or fb page post etc…


I hope this helps someone out.  Thank you for reading.


A little bit more about social media marketing.

Okay so here is a little more about social media marketing.

(I was recently asked about this particular part of fb mktg)

Okay so facebook has many options for marketing your product or business.  Most of them for free. I may discuss fb ads at another time, but not now.  Okay so you have your personal profile to use, but some people don’t want to fill their family and friends timeline with marketing posts, there are ways around that.  First of all you can select who sees your posts and make a group specifically for those posts. However there are other ways.  You can make a fb page or multiple pages for your business/product.  Some people I know of make a page for the product and another for the opportunity. Then you can request from your friends for a like. You can also share the page link all over the web, also like any social platform the more consistent you are with updating and posting it will help with traffic. There are also TONS of groups on fb.  Join some of the groups related to your niche  and share your products or pages —  Don’t be spammy and DO follow rules.  Also if you join groups keep it manageable, pay attention to them. If they are active keep them, if they are inactive remove yourself from that group and find others.  Be active in the group other than just posting links. Share value, tell some highlights of your product, share tips, reply to others posts. Send requests to those who you build rapport with, share your page with them.  Some of this may seem like work but if you are running an online business it is work, you just control how much work you are doing.

The more relationships and trust you build with others (across the entire web not just fb) will lead to a better opportunity to build your business.  Stay consistent on your page, be a real person and participate in groups, not just posting your link to a few hundred groups a day —  although that may work and get post engagement, unless you are paying for a poster it is A whole lot of work and does not offer a good ROI. Where as being a real person stands a better chance of a good ROI.

Also remember that there are probably many people promoting the same offer as you.  What makes you stand out amongst them?  That is where rapport and relationship building come in.


Best of luck